CB certificate

CB certificate

The most widespread global certification system in the field of electrical products is the IECEE-CB or CB system. It is an agreement concerning the recognition of test results according to international IEC standards for the electrical safety of electrical products. It is one of the longest operating systems of mutual recognition of test results in the field of electrical safety of products. Its members are leading certification bodies from 60 countries around the world. This system also takes into account the specific national differences of individual member states.

Tests of these differences for the particular target country can be conducted on request. The CB certificate, along with a test report issued by our institute, is accepted by the testing facilities of all member countries of this system and thus significantly facilitates acquisition of the certificates and marks of foreign testing facilities, as the manufacturer only undergoes the whole testing procedure once.

At present, the CB system covers 19 product categories; EZÚ is involved in the following 13 product categories:

  • safety transformers
  • appliances for household and commercial use
  • electrical medical instruments
  • electrical hand tools
  • installation material and connection components
  • installation protective devices
  • cables and conductors
  • measurement and laboratory instruments
  • switching devices
  • switches for appliances and automatic switches
  • consumer electronics
  • luminaires and their components
  • computer and office technology

What does the CB certificate offer?

  • cost and time savings if you export goods to member states of the system, and not only to them
  • easy acquisition of the national certification marks of system members
  • basis for the issue of an EC Declaration of Conformity