ENEC license

The ENEC mark is a Pan-European mark showing the compliance of a product with European EN standards for the electrical safety of products.

A license to use the ENEC mark allows products to be affixed with this mark and to export these products to the markets of EC member states without the need for further tests of electrical safety. The licensing procedure includes carrying out inspections on the manufacturer’s premises in accordance with the rules of this system. During this inspection, the manufacturer demonstrates that it is capable of ensuring the constant quality of products with an emphasis on the electrical safety of products.

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute awards a license for the use of the ENEC mark with number 21.

The agreement on the use of the ENEC mark covers the following groups of electrical products:

  • luminaires and their components
  • transformers
  • LV components
  • household appliances
  • computer and office technology products

What does the ENEC licensing mark offer?

  • reduction of costs for testing and certification – you only need to test, certify and pay once, in signatory countries to the agreement there is no need to undergo repeat certification
  • a competitive edge – the ENEC mark is known and requested by the expert and general public
  • reinforce the trust of customers – both the manufacturer and products are regularly checked by a third independent party
  • the manufacturer or importer has the basis for the issue of an EU Declaration of Conformity
  • easy acquisition of other licensing marks – as by complying with the requirements for the ENEC 21 license the manufacturer automatically meets the requirements for obtaining an ESČ license, which is awarded on request, free of charge

The award of the ENEC licensing mark is governed by the regulations of the ENEC system .

Procedure for obtaining a license to use the ENEC 21 mark:

on the customer’s side:

1. Ordering tests and product certification for obtaining a license to use the ENEC mark. Certification can be ordered by means of our standard order form by mail, fax or e-mail. If the order is not sent directly by the product manufacturer, you must send the original of the manufacturer’s consent for the execution of tests for certification and for conducting an inspection in the required scope in accordance with the rules of the ENEC system, including regular verification tests, together with authorization for representation by the entity ordering this service from EZÚ.
2. Sending basic technical information about the product:

  • technical description
  • electric wiring diagrams
  • technical drawings
  • production type plate, list of all electric components divided as follows: kind, type, technical characteristics, testing standard used and testing organization
  • certificates or records of tests by accredited parties for critical electric components – switches, capacitors, power supply units, transformers etc.
  • operation manuals

3. Sending a sample (samples) of the product

4. Sending the manufacturer’s full address

5. Sending information about the production quality system and its inspections

on the EZÚ side

1. Sending an EZÚ contract for certification containing all particulars (the standards certification will be based on, deadline, price, required documents, inspections, verification tests)

2. Execution of tests after confirmation of the contract and fulfillment of all requirements on the customer’s part

3. Execution of an inspection mainly focusing on checks and tests related to product safety, documentation of these checks and compliance with metrological rules by the manufacturer. If the product is manufactured abroad, the inspection can be carried out through one of the foreign testing facilities with whom our institute has a contract for the execution of inspections. This approach leads to a reduction in inspection costs. An inspection that has already been performed can also be used if it is not more than one year old. More detailed information about the scope of inspection is available on request from EZÚ contact persons.

4. Issuing the ENEC license certificate for the use of the ENEC 21 mark, incl. a test report on the successful completion of tests. These documents are issued in English.