HAR license

The HAR mark is a Pan-European mark showing continuing compliance of a cable bearing the HAR mark with European EN standards or HD Harmonization Documents for cables.

Members of the HAR Agreement are certification bodies of the European Economic Area and the system is accessible to cable manufacturers in these countries. A license to use the HAR mark awarded by any member of this certification system allows cables to be marked with the HAR mark, which is recognized in all member states of the agreement without further administrative or other restrictions. Naturally, the HAR mark also provides a competitive edge in countries other than member states.

Part of the licensing procedure is an evaluation of the manufacturer’s quality management system according to the ISO 9000 series of standards. The manufacturer must demonstrate that it is able to ensure the stable quality of cables with an emphasis on the conformity of the product with relevant standards.

Part of the system are ongoing checks of production conducted by the certification body that issued the license. This involves regular supervision of the manufacturer’s quality system, which is carried out once a year regardless of the number of certificates issued, and a regular check of a representative sample of cable produced four times a year, the extent of which is based on the number of kilometers of manufactured cable.

What does the HAR licensing mark offer?

  • the system meets manufacturers’ requirements – to test, certify and only pay once
  • in the signatory countries to the agreement there is no need to undergo repeat certification, which means considerable cost and time savings if products are exported to the member countries of the system
  • the system eliminates national differences from European standards
  • in Europe, this mark is well-known; the connection of this mark with the ESČ mark, is advantageous, as when a manufacturer meets the requirements for a HAR license, they automatically meet the requirements for an ESČ license, which will be awarded free of charge on request
  • both the manufacturer and the product are regularly checked by an independent party – the body that issued the certificate
  • the manufacturer obtains the basis for the issue of a Declaration of Conformity both in accordance with Act no. 22/97 Coll. (Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll.), and in accordance with directives valid in the European Community (the Directive no. 73/23/EEC) – CE Marking. A draft of the Declaration of Conformity and the EC Declaration according to Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll. will be prepared for the customer free of charge, on request. In the Czech Republic, cables also meet the requirements of the GD no. 163/2002 Coll.