Homologation E8

Properties of motor vehicles, their parts and accessories that may affect road traffic safety are governed by the Act no. 56/2001 Coll., as amended, in the Czech Republic. The above products can only be introduced to the market in the Czech Republic after being approved by the Ministry of Transport. For approval, a homologation certificate that has been issued by an authorized laboratory either in the Czech Republic or abroad must be submitted.

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute is a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Transport to carry out homologation tests according to the regulations of the UN Economic Commission for Europe since 1961. Homologated products may be marked with the homologation mark E in a circle (the E8 mark has been assigned for the Czech Republic, which is awarded through EZÚ), which designates the continuing compliance of product properties with relevant ECE homologation regulations.

The Ministry of Transport checks continuing compliance by carrying out regular tests and inspections at the manufacturing site control tests through the EZÚ. Once homologation is granted in the Czech Republic, no further certification or testing is required in member states of the system or many other states.

ECE regulation (EHK) no.:Product name:
ECE 1Asymmetrical headlights
ECE 2R2 bulbs for asymmetrical headlights
ECE 3Reflectors
ECE 4Registration plate lighting
ECE 5“Sealed beam” headlights
ECE 6Directional lights
ECE 7Marker, rear and brake lights
ECE 8Headlights with H1, H2, H3 bulbs
ECE R10.04Electromagnetic compatibility
ECE 19Fog lights
ECE 20Headlights with H4 bulbs
ECE 23Rear lights
ECE 27Warning triangles
ECE 28Acoustic signaling
ECE 37Bulbs for homologated lights
ECE 38Rear fog lights
ECE 45Headlight cleaning equipment
ECE 50Motorbike registration plate lighting
ECE 56Moped headlights
ECE 57Motorbike headlights
ECE 65Special warning lights
ECE 69Plates for marking slow vehicles
ECE 70Plates for marking heavy and long vehicles
ECE 72Asymmetrical and halogen motorbike headlights
ECE 76Moped high and low beam headlights
ECE 77Motor vehicle parking lights
ECE 82Moped headlights with halogen bulbs
ECE 87Motor vehicle day lights
ECE 91Side marker lights
ECE 99Power supplies for motor vehicle discharge headlights
ECE 100Homologation of vehicles in terms of special requirements for electric motors
ECE 104Marking heavy and long vehicles and their trailers
ECE 112Asymmetrical motor vehicle headlights
ECE 113Symmetrical motor vehicle headlights
ECE 116Technical provisions for the protection of motor vehicles from unauthorized use
ECE 118Combustion properties of materials used in the inner construction of motor vehicles