If a company wants to import products manufactured outside EC countries and sell them in the Czech Republic or in the EC (i.e. introduce products to the EC market), it must follow applicable EC regulations. In the Czech Republic it is the Act no. 90/2016 Coll. on Technical Requirements for Products. A product may only be introduced to the market if it is safe i.e.:

  • Meets the requirements of EU legislation for the properties of the product

The first importer to the EU or the authorized representative of the manufacturer or distributor is responsible for introducing only such products to the market which meet these requirements.

A product, which is introduced to whatever market of any EU state, is simultaneously introduced to the common market of all EU countries. It can be freely supplied / distributed from this member state to other EU states without technical barriers. Some member states may have set down specific requirements by a regulation, for instance concerning accompanying product documentation.

Construction products, e.g. sockets and cables, are assessed in accordance with a special regulation; in the Czech Republic it is the GD no. 163/2002 Coll., and their impact on the fulfillment of the basic requirements for construction is also taken into consideration.

EZÚ offers you cooperation when introducing a product to the market in the form of:

  • assessment of the manufacturer’s documentation,
  • issuing the EZÚ certificate based on the assessed manufacturer’s documentationpossible additional testing,
  • complete performance of tests

More information about the specific product incl. contact persons will appear after their selection.

Obligations of the authorized representative

  • Written authorization issued by the manufacturer
  • Does not prepare technical documentation
  • Keeps EU Declaration of Conformity and technical documentation for the period of 10 years
  • Submits all particulars on request of the supervisory body

Obligations of the importer

  • Manufacturer’s technical documentation
  • Manufacturer’s Declaration of Conformity
  • Manufacturer’s CE mark
  • Does not have to keep technical documentation, but must be able to submit it on request of the supervisory body
  • Keeps a copy of the Declaration of Conformity for 10 years from the introduction of the product to the market
  • Identification of the product and the importer
  • In case of suspected or confirmed nonconformity – ensures corrective measures or withdrawal from the market

Obligations of the distributor

Verifies whether a product::

  • is marked by the CE mark,
  • includes all required documents in the Czech language,
  • checks that the manufacturer and the importer have fulfilled their obligations
  • Does not have to keep the technical documentation or the Declaration of Conformity
  • In case of suspected or confirmed nonconformity, ensures corrective measures or withdrawal from the market.
  • Submits all particulars on request of the supervisory body