Lotteries and similar games

EZÚ offers services for:

Gambling slot machines (SM)

(max. bet in one game / max. win from one game)

  • Category I(CZK 2/CZK 300)
  • Category II (CZK 5/CZK 750)
  • Category III (CZK 50 /CZK 50000)
  • Category IV (€ 25 /25000 €)

Technical equipment (TE)

  • Draw barrels
  • Systems for operating number lotteries
  • Systems for operating odds betting, including LIVE odds betting and Internet odds betting games
  • Central lottery systems with interactive video lottery terminals
  • Systems for horse race betting
  • Accumulated JACKPOT win systems
  • Electromechanical roulette, multi-roulette systems
  • Gaming systems (for playing dice, Black Jack, Gotes, simulated horse races and so on)
  • Gaming systems (for playing dice, Black Jack, Gotes, simulated horse races and so on)
  • Multi-place technical equipment (for drum games)
Ing. Miloš Hána

Ing. Miloš Hána

Product Manager

EZÚ offers the following services for the correct introduction of products to the market:

To obtain authorization to operate in the Czech Republic, the EZÚ as the Authorized Party by the Czech Ministry of Finance offers:

  • expert evaluation and certification of the operability of gambling slot machines (SM)
    • SM model certification
    • Issue of an Inspection Certificate for SM
    • Issue of a Certificate of Operability and Printouts from the Certificate of Operability of SM
  • Expert evaluation and certification of the operability of technical equipment / systems for the operation of lotteries and other similar games (TE)
    • Certification of the TE model and games implemented in TE
    • Issue of an Inspection Report for TE and an Inspection Report for individual games implemented in TE
    • Issue of an Inspection Certificate for TE and an Inspection Certificate for individual games implemented in TE
    • Issue of a Certificate of Operability of TE and Printouts from the Certificate of Operability of TE, Registration marks for TE

If a company manufactures products that it wants to sell in the Czech Republic or the EU (i.e. introduce products to the market), it must comply with the provisions of the Act no. 90/2016 Coll. on Technical Requirements for Products. A product can only be introduced to the market if it is safe and it has the appropriate documentation, i.e.:

  • Meets the requirements of EU regulations for the properties of the product
  • The procedures for the evaluation of conformity specified in these regulations have been applied

Only the manufacturer alone (applies to products manufactured and sold in the EU) is responsible for ensuring that it only introduces such products to the market which meet these requirements.
A product, which is introduced to the market of any EU state, is simultaneously introduced to the common market of all EU countries. It can be freely supplied / distributed from this member state to other EU states, without technical barriers. Certain member states have may set down specific requirements by a regulation, for instance concerning accompanying product documentation.
Some products in the field of consumer and industrial electronics may be assessed in accordance with a special regulation – the GD 176/2008 Coll.defining technical requirements for machinery.
When introducing a product to the market, the manufacturer must also evaluate the energy demands of the product and mark the product with an energy label . These obligations are set forth in basic Directive no.2010/30/EU of the EP and the Council on the indication of the consumption of energy and other resources on energy labels of products related to energy consumption and in standardized information about products. This is a directive that superseded and clarified previous Council Directive no. 92/75/EEC effective from July 21, 2011. Requirements for individual types of products are further elaborated in specific European Commission directives.

Basic obligations of the manufacturer:

  • To prepare technical documentation
  • To prepare the Declaration of Conformity
  • To attach the CE mark
  • To demonstrate conformity of the product with the GD (Government Direction) at the request of the supervisory body (technical documentation, test reports, information)
  • To keep technical documentation for the 10 years period from the introduction of the product to the market
  • To identify the product and the manufacturer
  • In case of suspected or confirmed nonconformity, to ensure corrective measures, or withdrawal of the product from the market

Products are introduced to the market using the system of evaluation of conformity of products in accordance with the Act no. 90/2016 Coll. . as amended and related Government Directives:

The Government Directive 118/2016 Coll. defining technical requirements for low-voltage electric equipment.
The Government Directive 117/2016 Coll. on the technical requirements for products in terms of their electromagnetic compatibility.
The Government Directive no. 481/2012 Coll. on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment.

For the operation of gambling slot machines and technical equipment and systems for lotteries and other similar games in the Czech Republic, the requirements of the following regulations must be met:

Slot machines – the Act no. no. 202/1990 Coll. on Lotteries and other similar games, as amended and Czech Ministry of Finance Decree no. 223/1993 Coll.on Gambling Machines, as amended.
TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT -the Act no. 202/1990 Coll. on lotteries and other similar games, as amended, and for:

Accreditation certificate


ČSN EN 60335-1 (idt. EN 60335-1, idt. IEC 60335-1) ČSN EN 60950-1 (idt. EN 60950-1, idt. IEC 60950-1) ČSN EN 60335-2-82 (idt. EN 60335-2-82, idt. IEC 60335-2-82) ČSN EN 62233 (idt. EN 62233, Idt. IEC 62233)


ČSN EN 55022 (idt. EN 55022, idt. CISPR 22) ČSN EN 55024 (idt. EN 55024, idt. CISPR 24) ČSN EN 61000-3-2 (idt. EN 61000-3-2, idt. IEC 61000-3-2) ČSN EN 61000-3-3 (idt. EN 61000-3-3, idt. IEC 61000-3-3)

SM/TE order to download

Accompanying documentation with the order:

Documentation required with an order depending on the type of service ordered:Registration of a new modelChange of softwareCertification and Printouts
Game instructions and game planX  
2 pieces orig. EPROMDocumentation FormNotice Form 
Description of software change, incl. identification in the source programNotice FormXFormulář Ohlášení 
Popis program změny vč. označení ve zdroj. programu X 
Statistics of 100,000 games – printoutX  
A complete sample of the slot machine* or a verified copy of the Certificate of Operability for the particular model from ITC Zlín  X*  
Whole program board   X**  
Graphic representation of glassX  
Description of DIP/DIL settingsX  
Service manual, incl. control programs and slot machine accountingX  
Confirmation of the issue of a Declaration of Conformity (C. form, EZÚ – Declaration, may be declared in the order)  Declaration Form
Specification of the number of slot machines, serial numbers, programs used (may be in the order)  X
Declaration by the hardware manufacturer of the date of manufacture of the slot machine  XDocumentation declaration
Confirmation by the program manufacturer of the conformity of EPROM with the certified model  XDocumentation declaration

* May be demonstrated on the customer’s premises or transported by the customer to EZÚ ** Required individually depending on the slot machine design