EZÚ certificate


The EZÚ certificate is awarded by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute to those products that successfully pass a type test in accordance with the relevant technical standards for electrical safety and/or EMC.
It is especially convenient to use the EZÚ Certificate as the basis for a Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the Act no. 90/2016 Coll.(the Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll.) and related government directives.
With this certificate, the manufacturer or importer has a simplified position in case of checks of compliance with the Act no. 90/2016 Coll. by the Czech Trade Inspection. The validity of the certificate is normally limited to a period of three years

The EZÚ Certificate can be obtained for the following groups of products:

  • electrical machinery and tools
  • electrical light sources and lights
  • electro-chemical power sources
  • electrical installation material and instruments
  • cables and conductors
  • office technology
  • medical devices
  • measurement technology
  • protective, switching and safety instruments
  • automatizing instruments
  • appliances for household and commercial use
  • consumer electronics

What does the EZÚ Certificate offer?

  • guarantee of independent verification – increasing trust in relation to business partners
  • the manufacturer or importer has the basis for the issue of an EU Declaration of Conformity
  • compliance with the requirements of the government directive on the part of the manufacturer or importer is proven by an independent third party
  • with this certificate, the manufacturer or importer has a simplified position in case of checks by the Czech Trade Inspection
  • EZÚ is also Notified Body no. 1014 for the European Low Voltage Directive – LVD – of particular help to manufacturers and exporters to EC states.

The EZÚ Certificate can be obtained in accordance with valid government directives, Czech and international standards or manufacturers’ corporate standards.

Procedure for obtaining an EZÚ certificate:

on the customer’s side:

1. Ordering product certification Certification can be ordered using our standard order from, by mail, fax or e-mail

2. Sending basic technical information about the product:

  • technical description
  • electric wiring diagrams
  • technical drawings
  • production type plate
  • list of all electric components divided as follows: kind, type, technical characteristics, testing standard used and testing organization
  • certificates or records of tests by accredited parties for critical electric components – switches, capacitors, power supply units, transformers etc.
  • operation manuals

3. Sending a sample (samples) of the product 4. Sending the manufacturer’s full address

On the side of EZÚ:

1. Sending an EZÚ contract for certification containing all particulars (the standards certification will be based on, deadline, price, required documents)

2. Execution of tests after confirmation of the contract and fulfillment of all requirements on the customer’s part

3. Issuing the EZÚ certificate