CCA certificate

CCA certificate


The CCA system is the European equivalent of the global IECEE-CB system. It is an agreement concerning the recognition of test results carried out in accordance with European EN or, for electrical safety, HD standards, which allows the acquisition of a mark for a product from any member of the CCA agreement based on the issued CCA certificate. Its members are the leading certification bodies of EC countries and other countries in the European area.
The CCA certificate (or more precisely notification of test results ), along with a test report issued by EZÚ, is accepted by the testing facilities of all member countries of this system, and thus significantly facilitates the acquisition of the certificates and marks of foreign testing facilities, as the manufacturer only needs to undergo the whole testing procedure once.

The CCA system covers the following product categories

  • safety transformers
  • appliances for household and commercial use
  • electrical medical instruments
  • electrical hand tools
  • installation material and connection components
  • installation protective devices
  • cables and conductors
  • measurement and laboratory instruments
  • switching devices
  • switches for appliances and automatic switches
  • consumer electronics
  • luminaires and their components
  • computer and office technology

What does the CCA certificate offer?

  • the CCA certificate allows you to obtain the ESČ mark, without further tests, which is known among experts and the general public as the symbol of a safe product
  • cost and time savings if you export goods to member states of the system, and not only to them
  • after obtaining the certificate, you can obtain other internationally valid certificates CB, and ENEC on completion of supplementary tests
  • based on the CCA certificate, you can easily obtain other marks of the members of this system
  • the manufacturer has the basis for the issue of a Declaration of Conformity both in accordance with the Act no. 22/97 Coll. (Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll.) and in accordance with EC directives (the Directive no. 2006/95/EC) – CE Marking. Thus, together with tests of electromagnetic compatibility, the requirements of the respective European Directives and Czech Government Directives for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility are met. In the context of the issue of the CCA certificate, a draft of the Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll. can be prepared for the customer free of charge on request.