EZÚ certificate

certifikat-ezu The EZÚ certificate is awarded by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute to those products that successfully pass a type test in accordance with the relevant technical standards for electrical safety and/or EMC.
It is especially convenient to use the EZÚ Certificate as the basis for a Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the Act no. 22/97 Coll.(the Government Directive no. 118/2016 Coll.) and related government directives.
With this certificate, the manufacturer or importer has a simplified position in case of checks of compliance with the Act no. 22/97 Coll. by the Czech Trade Inspection. The validity of the certificate is normally limited to a period of three years

The EZÚ Certificate can be obtained for the following groups of products:

  • electrical machinery and tools
  • electrical light sources and lights
  • electro-chemical power sources
  • electrical installation material and instruments
  • cables and conductors
  • office technology
  • medical devices
  • measurement technology
  • protective, switching and safety instruments
  • automatizing instruments
  • appliances for household and commercial use
  • consumer electronics

What does the EZÚ Certificate offer?

  • guarantee of independent verification – increasing trust in relation to business partners
  • the manufacturer or importer has the basis for the issue of an EU Declaration of Conformity
  • compliance with the requirements of the government directive on the part of the manufacturer or importer is proven by an independent third party
  • with this certificate, the manufacturer or importer has a simplified position in case of checks by the Czech Trade Inspection
  • EZÚ is also Notified Body no. 1014 for the European Low Voltage Directive – LVD – of particular help to manufacturers and exporters to EC states.
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Procedure for obtaining a certificate