EZÚ membership in organizations

EZÚ is a member of these national organizations:

  • AAAO Association of Accredited and Authorized Organizations
  • CQS Czech Association for Quality System Certification
  • HK ČR Czech Chamber of Commerce
  • SPD ČR Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic

EZÚ is a member of these international organizations:

  • LVD NBF Low Voltage Directive Notified Bodies Forum
  • UNECEEuropean system for homologation of motor vehicle accessories in accordance with UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) regulations
  • IECEE-CB IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) worldwide certification system for recognition of the results of tests in accordance with standards for the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of electrical products.
  • EEPCA European Testing Inspections and Certification System has entered as a successor of the EEPCA association and it will be dealing with the administrative burden for manufacturers of electric and electrotechnical products by setting up recognition of exams for placing products on the market among the participants of this system.
  • ECS European Certification System – an organization that presents the European Certification Schemes CCA, CCA-EMC, ENEC and HAR as a unified system and supports activities common for the above schemes through its documents
  • CCA CENELEC Certification Agreement – European system within CENELEC countries for recognition of the results of tests in accordance with standards for the safety of electrical products
  • CCA-EMC Agreement on the use of a common mark of conformity with European standards for electromagnetic compatibility
  • ENEC Agreement on the use of the ENEC mark for the electrical safety of luminaires and other electrical equipment confirming conformity with European standards
  • HAR Agreement on the use of the HAR mark for cables and cords confirming conformity with harmonizing documents and European standards
  • itSMF IT Service Management Forum focusing on all aspects of ICT service management
  • NB MED Coordination Group for European Directives on medical devices and active implantable medical devices