Mechanical tests, noise testing and vibration tests

Mechanical tests

In order to successfully introduce a product to the market, but also to verify its safety and reliability parameters, it is also necessary to verify product properties under extreme stress.

This can concern the mechanical stress of rotary machines and appliances or stretching, pressure, fall and impact and bending tests.

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute offers the execution of all these tests, both in accordance with Czech and international technical standards and the customer’s own technical requirements.

Noise measurement tests not just in accordance with the GD 9/2002 Coll.:

  • Measurement of the acoustic power of hand tools, household appliances, machines and equipment
  • Measurement of noise at the place of operation
  • Measurement of the characteristics of electro-acoustic exchangers

Vibration measurement tests:

  • Tests using sinusoidal and random vibrations
  • Shock and impact tests
  • Constant acceleration and free fall tests
  • Transport package tests

All the above tests can be used as documentation for the preparation of an EU Declaration of Conformity in the form of test reports.

Jan Holub

Jan Holub

Product Manager

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Why to do tests at EZÚ?

  • Guarantee of independent verification – increasing trust in relation to business partners
  • Cost savings for your own testing equipment
  • Professionalism of personnel
  • Long-term experience
  • Internationally recognized test results

For introduction to the market, a product must be evaluated in terms of the requirements of the Government Directive no. 9/2002 Coll.(only in Czech) defining the technical requirements for products in terms of noise.