ISO 15288

ISO/IEC 15288 Systems and software engineering – System life cycle processes was adopted into the ČSN system by way of translation. ISO/IEC 15288 is the first information standard containing the exhaustive set of system life cycle processes. This standard contains the general process structure for four groups of processes: contractual processes, business processes, project processes and technical processes. The individual processes (a total of 25) are described within the groups and the purpose, outputs and individual activities necessary for the process implementation are set for each process. This standard applies to systems that are processed by people and may be configured with hardware, software, people, processes, procedures (such as operator instructions), equipment and natural entities. This standard may be used in organisations that create systems, supply systems, procure systems for their own use or for use by others, may be used in organisations of suppliers and users. The standard builds on a standard issued earlier and incorporated into the ČSN system that describes the software life cycle (ČSN ISO/IEC 12207). The standard contains the normative Annex A, which defines the process of adopting the standard, i.e. it defines the purpose, outputs and activities in this process in the same manner as in the basic part. An important part of the standard is the informative Annex B, which defines the system life cycle stages: conception, development, production, utilisation, support and discarding. These stages describe activities from the formation of needs and requirements for the system to its discarding, i.e. these are the stages that are generally considered in system engineering to be stages that must be present in the life cycle of every system. Important parts of the standard also comprise Annex C (containing a description of the relationship to the international standard ISO/IEC 12207) and Annex D (containing the terms used in the standard to describe systems, life cycle, lie cycle models, stages and processes). Within the ISO 15288 product we offer following services:
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